'Notes from Paradise'
“Notes from Paradise” is a series of installations that deals with mental abysses and the decay of idealized images in the post-digital age.
In the context of a 'romantic reality’, the work builds a tension between expectations and disappointments, emotionality and the photographic surface. The quest for aesthetic perfection was already a central aspect of the Greek worldview in the antique, which can be rediscovered in virtualized form in a post-internet society.
This phenomenon of the idealization of body and environment also experiences the construction of love, whose endeavor is not reality but idealization. The decay, the breaking of that constructed utopia, a mental state of the infernal machine, should mark the end of a relationship between ideal and reality.

Healingbrush and Stamptool on Canvas 100x133 cm
Iridescent acrylic foil text 300x35 cm
Stone, porcelain figure, black expander

Installationview @BETON7, Athens (Athens Photofestival)
280A groupshow
July 2018

Vienna Contemporary
September 2018

http://christianepeschek.com/files/gimgs/th-44_Beton7_notes from paradise_web_peschek.jpg
http://christianepeschek.com/files/gimgs/th-44_Notes from Paradise_Vienna Contemporary.jpg