FIELDS OF ARES is a research based installation on the idea of the construction and decay of idealized love relationships caught in photographs facing a meta-modern digital reality. The focus of the exhibition is my private digital photo collection of a past relationship. Referring to an archeological practice trying to recreate history through a set of fragmented statues, this work tries to reconstruct emotions and pysicality through its digital fragments, generating emotional monuments aside body and gender norms. I’m quoting the quest for human aesthetic perfection in Greek antiquity, which can be rediscovered in virtualized form in a post-internet society:
The creation and sharing of digitally optimized self-portraits, the over-aestheticized everyday life and the reaction of digital communities displaces the fallibility and banality of the individual, the pursuit of perfection escapes from the rudimentary need of being loved. This phenomenon of the idealization of body and environment also experiences the construction of love, whose endeavor is not reality but idealization - an ancient view of the world. The decay, the breaking of that constructed utopia, is the end of antiquity, the end of a relationship between ideal and reality.
In 9 chapters, I post-factually enter the battlefield at the end of a relationship and reconstruct archaeological and retrospective fragments of visual remains. In texts, body scent and body fragments, photographic memories of former physicality oppose the vitality and data fragility of today’s culture of remembrance.

Exhibitionview: FIELDS OF ARES, Soloshow @ Salzburger Kunstverein, Salzburg, Austria
Wallprints fragmented, plaster, latex, fragrance, uv-print on acrylic glass, variable sizes