Velvet fields is an exhibition project built around the idea of an alienated human intimacy and the construction of the perfect romantic image. It’s an approach towards the increasing virtualisation of human behaviours and their relation to elusive and amorphous virtual clouds. The cloud as a symbol for divine mystery and protection signifies the generative, the destructive and the enigmatic. In that context I refer to the constant feed of contemporary iclouds, that extend the human’s environment and become therefor a symbol for the transcendental of our time.
In the images of this series I play with photoshop masks and artificial cloud-stamps that pretend to float in real environment, creating a connection between virtual and real space. The perfectly constructed image is faded out, what appears as the “b-side of the image” are it’s construction masks, digital retouching traces that form a certain kind of drawing. Instead of presenting the idealised, retouched images of bodies, I show retouching traces, abstract lines that appear during the optimisation generated compostions of human portraits. These abstractions are metaphors for a conception of the actual availability of the comprehensive and the fugitive. The visualization of photoshop masks, which usually serve the construction of supposedly perfect images, I set against the human body. Organic-carnal formations, surfaces that simulate rosy shimmering, translucent skin, are reminiscent of something unspecific-natural. I understand this practice as an contemporary development of abstract painting based on the improvement of virtualised body representations.

Soloshow @Galerija Photon, Ljubljana
pigmentprints, digitalprint on textile, print on glass
variable dimensions
2018 fields_Peschek-1_web.jpg fields_Peschek-6_web.jpg fields_Peschek-5_web.jpg fields_Peschek-3_web.jpg fields_Peschek-2_web.jpg fields_Peschek-8_web.jpg