In their first collaboration, Luc Palmer and Christiane Peschek present an installation at the boundaries of painting and photography at the invitation of VENT Gallery Vienna.

The pursuit of aesthetic perfection was already a central aspect of the Greek world view in antiquity, which can be rediscovered in a post-internet society in virtualized form. Those aspirations cause the two artists to tip over through digital and manual surface manipulation.
The exhibited works have something of a pathological nature; the wound of abstraction, burnt air, black water and porous skin gapes; The ambivalent relationship between reality and (de-) construction in space works silently.

A pool filled with black water in the center of the exhibition space extends the images on the walls. Out of black deformed objects rise, fused individual parts whose origin could lie in the corporeal as well as in the objectless. They rise above the seemingly endless darkness of the surface, possibly artifacts of the images from which they were taken. So Peschek and Palmer generated a space that relieves the laws of common image composition and aesthetics.

VENT Gallery Vienna
Luc Palmer & Christiane Peschek
UV-Print on black Alu, 70x52 cm
Installation with heat sensors, alu poles
several objects, black ink