LIQUID DESERT is a work in several layers. It consists of photographic structure studies, site specific installations and micro sculptures around the topic of musealisation and virtualisation of nature structures. In an photographic approach I experiment with natural desert structures and their replics in natural history museums. On the surface of the printed photograph this structures of both natural and artificial source melt and create a new possible landscape.

Material: Fine Art Prints, Foam Objects
variable sizes
Year: 2017 Desert_4.jpg desert 21_v2.jpg Desert_28_v2.jpg Desert_18_v2.jpg Desert_23_v2.jpg Desert_26_v2.jpg Desert_27.jpg Desert_5.jpg Desert_15_v2.jpg Desert_19.jpg Desert_10.jpg Desert_11.jpg Desert_9.jpg Desert_8.jpg Desert_7.jpg Shot 2017-06-01 at 11_26_36.png