the backup project is a conceptual and interactive project, limited in time, that plays around the subject of total accessibility of the personal photographic archive. It’s a reflection on photography, archive, memory and photobooks.

It contains 100 000 photographs of 2 personal archives, the archive of Tiago Casanova and mine, numbered and unseen. No censorship or restrictions: Access the mainpage and select 20 numbers. Each number refers to an image of both archives and can be selected only once. Order your book to unravel the photographs behind your selected numbers. Receive a unique copy of a handmade book including 40 images.


Concept & Images:
Christiane Peschek
Tiago Casanova

Curatorial Support:
Natasha Christia
Paola Paleari

Romain Preston

Web Development:
Romain Preston
Diogo Vaz

Printing & Production:
XYZ Books

Estúdio Bulhufas